Polarization of the most backward castes, Dalits, Muslims in favor of the Opposition Alliance: Sharad Yadav

NEW DELHI: Trusting That The Opposition Alliance Will Decimate The NDA Ruling In Bihar, Senior Leader Sharad Yadav Claimed Sunday That Government Modes Are On The Way Because Of The BJP 'poorshowinhindicorestatessuchasuttarpradeshandmadhyapradesh.yadav,whodisputestheloksabhapollofbiharasanrjdcandidate,claimedthatapolarizationofmostofthebackwardwardrobes,dalits,andmuslimstookplaceinfavoroftheoppositionallianceinthestate.

theallianceofthelaluprasadyadav' S RJD, Congress And Upendra Kushwaha ' Among Other Things, S RLSP Will Place As Many Seats As The NDA Had In 2014, Sharad Yadav Told In An Interview, Claiming That Anger Is Under The Bad Due To Agricultural Suffering.

The NDA Won 31 Lok Sabha Seats In Bihar In 2014, While The Opposition Alliance Had Nine.

Yadav Rejected The Requirements Of Top BJP Leaders, Including Premier Narendra Modi , That The NDA Is Set To Preserve Power In The Center. He Claimed That A Portion Of The Media Has Been" Used" By BJP Leaders To" Beat" Their Drums, But The Reality On The Floor Differs Greatly From What Is Shown On TV.

Where Does The BJP Win? Their Seats Will Be Significantly Reduced In Rajsthan, Madhya And Pradesh. The SP-BSP Alliance Runs Hen Far Ahead In UP. They Lose In Bihar And Also In Jharkhand. That The Government Of Modes Will Be Out Of Power On 23 May Is Certain, He Said.

Four Stages Of The General Elections In The Seven Stages So Far Have Been Held And The Voting Count Is Scheduled For May 23.

Asked For The BJP ' S Campaign Board Of Nationalism And National Security, Yadav Claimed That Nationalism For The Saffron Party Has Everything To Do With Hindu Muslim Affairs Under The Robe Of Kashmir And Pakistan.

Their Nationalism Is All Sentiment And Excludes People. His Farmers ' Welfare, Employment For Young People And Reducing Poverty Of Dalits And Conversely, Not Nationalism But It Is Not A Concern For The BJP, Yadav Said.

India Had Divided Pakistan In 1971 And Its Troops Were Drawn Closer Lahore In 1965 Under Congress Governments, He Said, Adding That Sikkim Had Merged With India In 1975 When Indira Gandhi Was Prime Minister.

This Is Nationalism. What Is Their Nationalism? It Is All Hindu-Musalman For Them, He Said And Attacked The BJP.

He Claimed That The Modi Government Policy Caused Huge Suffering Among Farmers And That The Bihar Farmers Were Forced To Sell Corn At A Price Of Only Rs 900 Per Quintal At The MSP Of Nearly 1425.

The Govenrment ' S Claim From ' Vikas ' (development) Is A Sham, So He Added, Adding That Unemployment, Lack Of Opportunities And Farmer's Fever The Loss Of The BJP ' Demonetization Caused A Loss Of More Than Four Crore Jobs, He Claimed.

In Bihar, He Said That The Entry Of Leaders Such As Upendra Kushwaha And Mukesh Sahni Have Broadened The Basis Of The Opposition Alliance And Led To A Consolidation Of Dalit And Backward Lockers In His Favor. KR BJ BJ