MTNL, BSNL unions threaten national strike

NEW DELHI: Problems may arise for the government in MTNL and financial problems of BSNL, as it works on a possible revival plan for state-owned UPMs, although there are some sections that recommend the closure of sick companies.

The union leaders of the two telecommunications companies said wages have been delayed and will go to a strike post. Diwali if the government fails to give a clear direction on their revival soon. “Salaries have not been paid for August and September. Is this fair just before Diwali? ” Dharamraj Singh , convenor of forum of MTNL unions and associations, told TOI.

The company's employees have been protesting outside the telecommunications ministry, and threatened that the turmoil will increase in number and scale as the days progress. “If our problems are not resolved soon, we will not be inactive. We will even take our protest to the Prime Minister's office, Singh said.

BSNL also said that it will begin an agitation and will also join MTNL in the protests. “We want to understand the plans of the government regarding the revival of our companies. BSNL’s salary for September is yet to be paid, and we will protest against this, ”K Sebastian said.

The government is working on a new plan to achieve a revival, and senior officials of the telecommunications ministry have also discussed it in the Prime Minister's office. A solution may be announced soon.