Update from Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke, October 9: Abir feels helpless; Meenakshi gets mad at him

In the last episode of yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke , Open tells Meenakshi and naanu that his baba fixed his and Mishti 's wedding. Naanu gets angry with his decision and Parul, Kunal and Meenakshi get heartbroken. Open tells Meenakshi that he had no clue that baba will take him to Mishti 's house. Open gets disappointed as his family members get upset with him. On the other side, Varsha makes delicious food for Mishti and they get emotional thinking about Mishti 's vidaai.

Varsha tells Mishti that she has started trusting her. Mishti tells Varsha that she had no clue that Open and his father would come to their house for marriage.

Kuhu tells Open that she is worried about Kunal as he will never accept Mishti . Open tells her that naanu and Kunal are angry with him. Naanu ignores Open and thanks Kunal as he allowed him to fix his marriage. He tells them to not get angry with him as he made a mistake. Kunal tells Open that he is committing a mistake but naanu tells him to learn from his mistake and acknowledge.

Kunal gets upset thinking that Mishti will be his sister in law. Both Kunal and Kuhu get into an argument. Kuhu tells Kunal that he cannot fight with her as it is dandiya night. She tells him that due to his arrogant behavior his brother Open is going far away from him. Kunal realizes his mistake and promises to change it.

Yashpal invites Maheshwari's to their house for dandiya nights. Meenakshi remembers the time when Mehul left them alone. Mehul comes and tells Meenakshi to be happy as Open has found his soulmate.

Open tells Kunal that he is in love with Mishti . He tells Kunal that he cannot choose between him and Mishti . Kunal meets the advocate and tells him that he will divorce to Kuhu the next day. He tells Meenakshi that he will not allow Mishti to be a member of their family. He even says that if he fails in the plan then he will never return.