Trump boycotts the process of political trial, opening a great chasm between the executive and the legislature

WASHINGTON: A full-blown constitutional crisis and a continental chasm of the kind that had not been seen in more than a century is over the United States.

On Tuesday, President Donald virtually dismissed the House of Representatives of a Democratic majority, saying that he would not submit to his process and calling it a kangaroo court that was in a witch hunt to expel him for what he believes are perfectly normal transactions with Ukraine .

The Democrats, meanwhile, are moving forward with the political trial investigation believing that it betrayed national interests, driven by polls showing that more than 50 percent of voters support the measure to hold the President accountable.

In an unprecedented scenario, House of Representatives leaders are considering secretly depositing a whistleblower who says Trump may have compromised national security, including masking his identity and taking him to a safe place to hear his testimony because his life may being threatened

In several angry tweets on Wednesday, Trump was enraged at the second unidentified whistleblower, suggesting on the basis of unsubstantiated accusations by his henchmen that he was a Democratic puppet. He had previously argued that the first complainant was a spy who would have been treated differently at an earlier time, a comment that some saw as a threat to be executed for treason.

Según los informes, el denunciante dijo que la llamada telefónica de Trump al presidente de Ukraine fue loca, aterradora y carente por completo de sustancias relacionadas con la seguridad nacional, ya que él (el presidente) intentó presionar a Kiev para que investigara los asuntos financieros de Joe biden (his prospective rival in the 2020 Presidential elections) and his son Hunter (who has ties to energy company in Ukraine ), while suggesting Washington could withhold aid if it did not.

The facts of the complainant have been so wrong about my conversation without pressure with the Ukrainian president, and now the conflict of interest and participation with a Democratic candidate, that he or she should be properly exposed and interrogated. This is not a whistleblower ... The whistleblower's lawyer is a great democrat. The Whistleblower has links with one of my DEMOCRATIC OPONENTS, ”Trump claimed.

“A total scam of the Democrats Do Nothing. For the good of the country, this Wirch Hunt should end now! Trump was enraged on Twitter and added: Democrats do nothing are scammers, they just seek to harm the Republican Party and the President. Its total focus is 2020, nothing more and nothing less. The good news is that we WILL WIN!

The president's angry tweets followed a letter from the White House addressed to the Democratic leaders of the House of Representatives saying that neither he nor the executive branch would voluntarily provide testimonies or documents related to the political trial investigation because it was a witch hunt false with improper processes. The White House has ordered several government officials not to appear before committees led by Democrats, establishing an unprecedented confrontation between the legislature and the executive.

For their part, Democrats in the House of Representatives say that the president's failure to comply with his demands for information could be the basis of his own political trial, even if they have taken the citation route to force officials to testify. . The matter is likely to end in the United States Supreme Court, which currently has a conservative majority based on two recent Trump appointments.

The White House should be warned that continued efforts to hide the truth of the president's abuse of power to the American people will be considered as further evidence of obstruction, House of Representatives president Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. “Mr. President, you are not above the law. You will have to render accounts.

When the Democrats closed ranks to accuse the president, Trump's henchmen exploded on television, and one of his advisers described the whistleblower as suicide bombers that the Democrats have unleashed in the democratic process.

What you're seeing is regicide, said Joseph diGenova, a frequent Trump advocate to Fox News. “This is regicide by another name, false political judgment. Democrats in the House want to destroy the president.

Regicide is the act of killing a king, and while the United States remains a constitutional republic, Trump and his acolytes have embraced the idea of ​​an imperial presidency where the executive power has total and total power.

The clash not only confronts the Democrats against the Republicans, most of whom stand with the president, but also establishes Central America, where Trump and the Republicans get their electoral strength, against the coastal states, which are bastions Democrats