Uber offers to run taxi cabs during an odd scheme

New Delhi, October 9 () The US-based passenger transport platform. UU. Uber made a presentation to the Delhi government offering the use of 5,000 bicycle taxis to improve the connectivity of the first and last mile during the odd scheme that will be implemented next month, according to sources.

Currently, regulations do not allow bicycle taxis to operate in Delhi.

According to sources, Uber has submitted to the Delhi government the proposal to deploy 5,000 bicycle taxis to help transport a passenger lakh to and from Metro stations every week.

It was proposed that the service be offered for a rate of Rs 5 per trip, they added.

The company, which competes with Ola, based in Bengaluru, has also proposed redeploying 2,500 bicycles from its food delivery network (UberEats) to function as bicycle taxis during the odd scheme that will be implemented from 4 to 15 November.

Uber did not respond to email inquiries about the matter.

An official from the Delhi government said a proposal was received from the taxi aggregator, but a decision has not yet been made.

One of the development-conscious people said that sharing bicycles provides a great opportunity to unlock the potential of shared mobility through the optimal use of existing vehicles on the road.

The person said that Uber, in his presentation, has cited data that one in two UberMOTO trips in Gurugram began or ended at a Metro station, while one in four of those trips in Noida began or ended near one Metro station.

The odd even scheme has been proposed as part of a series of measures to combat the high level of air pollution in Delhi caused by burning stubble in neighboring states during winters. During the 12-day scheme, vehicles will circulate alternately on odd and even dates based on their registration numbers. In the two previous experiments in January and April 2016, a fine of 2,000 rupees was imposed on violators of the rule. In the past, two-wheel travelers and women were exempt from the rule. SR VIT ABM