Infosys signs an agreement with Eishtec to absorb 1,400 employees of the Irish firm

New Delhi, October 9 () IT services, Infosys, said Wednesday that they have established a strategic partnership with Eishtec under which 1,400 employees of the Irish firm will be transferred to Infosys BPM.

Infosys has established a strategic partnership with Eishtec, which includes the transfer of the business from Eishtec to Infosys BPM, an Infosys company. This partnership does not imply the purchase of shares, Infosys said in a regulatory document.

The partnership will allow Infosys to better serve its customers in the region, taking advantage of its deep experience in technology, analysis and digital, the statement said.

Eishtec was established in 2011 and is one of Ireland's leading customer service providers and employs 1,400 people throughout Ireland.

The current Eishtec management team will continue to lead the current CEO Heather Reynolds; the partnership involves the transfer of employees and businesses from Eishtec to Infosys BPM, he said.

The executive director of Infosys BPM, Anantha Radhakrishnan, said this transfer further demonstrates the company's strategic commitment to growth in Europe, which accounts for almost a quarter of global revenues. To boost our strategy of continuous growth in the region, we are hiring and training talent locally throughout the continent. The transfer of Eishtec employees will allow us to better serve our customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, taking advantage of our deep experience in technology, analytics and digital, Radhakrishnan said. SR SR MR MR