MSDE launches scholarship program with IIM Bangalore

New Delhi, October 9 () The Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) signed an agreement Wednesday with the Indian Institute of Administration (IIM) Bangalore for the introduction of a two-year Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship (MGNF) program ) intended to increase development skill at the district level.

Designed under the acquisition of skills and knowledge awareness for the promotion of livelihoods (SANKALP), the scholarship aims to address the challenge of lack of staff availability for the implementation of various programs at the national, state and national level. district, according to an official statement.

The MGNF program has a built-in component of practical field experience with the district administration, he added.

The program is launched as a pilot in 75 districts of Gujarat, Karnataka, Meghalaya, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Scholars eligible for the program must be between 21 and 30 years old, have a graduation degree from a recognized university and be Indian citizens.

The command of the official language of the fieldwork status will be mandatory.

MGNF seeks to create a cadre of young individuals and train them in a combined academic program that provides academic input and an immersion component in the field at the district level, said MSDE Secretary KP Krishnan.

In addition to allowing an immersive experience to the fellows under the program, MGNF will also be an attractive proposal for those who wish to pursue a career in public policy, he added.

Through this effort, we are ensuring the participation of a larger community for local merit and we are confident that this program will attract great talent that will further strengthen the skills component at the district administration level, he added.

In the course of their training, the fellows will work under the close supervision of the state skills development missions (SSDM) and will devote time and effort to understanding the challenges and skills gaps in the district. They will receive a stipend of Rs 50,000 in the first year and Rs 60,000 in the second year. Upon completion of their commitment, they will receive a Certificate in Public Policy and Management from IIM Bangalore. SR RVK