IUC is not a matter of consumer prices, Jio's action is an undue hurry, says Voda Idea

New Delhi, October 9 () Telecom operator Vodafone Idea called Reliance Jio's plan to start charging 6 paise per minute for outgoing calls to the rival network as an undue acceleration action and an attempt to distract attention from the Need for urgent action to address financial stress in the sector.

Without naming Jio directly in the statement, Vodafone Idea said that the new announcement of the Mukesh Ambani-led firm is very close to the measures taken recently to potentially damage the income of other operators with its recent unilateral action to reduce call time. .

The announcement of one of today's telecommunications service providers to charge for calls made to other service providers to cover the IUC termination charge is not only undue haste, but also does not reveal the fact that that interconnection is an agreement between operators and not a matter of consumer prices, Vodafone Idea said in a statement.

The telecommunications regulator TRAI in 2017 had cut the so-called interconnection use charge (IUC) at 6 paise per minute of 14 paise and had said that this regime will end in January 2020. But now it has published a consultation document to review whether the regime's timeline needs to be extended

In this context, Jio has announced that it will charge customers 6 paise per minute for voice calls made to rival telephone networks, but will compensate them with free data of equal value.

Telecommunications operator Bharti Airtel also claimed that Jio's decision to charge 6 countries per minute for voice calls to rival telephone networks is aimed at forcing the IUC to be overthrown.

Vodafone Idea said that Trai's call for a consultation on the IUC taking into account the continuous asymmetry in traffic and in line with its previous position in this regard. It seems that the consultation process is being challenged and is potentially drawing attention away from the real problem that the industry is in deep financial stress, a fact that is now widely recognized. Bringing out the UIC issue seems an attempt to distract from the need for urgent actions to address financial stress in the sector, the statement said. PRS MR MR