American Airlines cancels 737 MAX flights until January 16

WASHINGTON: American Airlines Group Inc on Wednesday extended cancellations of Boeing 737 MAX flights until January 15, against the promises of the US aircraft manufacturer that the landed planes would fly again before the end of the year.

The largest US airline The US, which had previously canceled about 140 flights per day until December 3, increased its estimate of the impact of the bases on third-quarter earnings before taxes to $ 140 million, $ 15 million more than a previous estimate.

However, its shares, which fell 16% in a difficult year for airlines, increased due to the company's statement that lower fuel costs had increased margins in the third quarter. Boeing's actions, beaten this week by conflicting signals about the attitude of European regulators towards the MAX, were also marginally higher.

In July, American Airlines He said year-round earnings would be reduced by approximately $ 400 million if the MAX remained fixed until November 2, and that figure is likely to increase now with an indirect effect in 2020.

Tuesday's Boeing sales figures also showed that by the end of September it had delivered only half of the number of aircraft it made in the same period of 2018.

Regulators are still reviewing the proposed software changes to the landed plane without a specific schedule for the return of the plane.

The airline, which canceled 9,475 flights in the third quarter, said it expects to resume MAX flights gradually starting January 16, adding that software updates could lead to Federal Aviation Administration '' (FAA) recertification of the aircraft at the end of this year and resumption of commercial service in January 2020.

The FAA said Wednesday it was following an exhaustive process, not a prescribed schedule, to return the Boeing 737 Max to passenger service. The FAA will lift the banning order of the aircraft when it is considered safe to do so.


The 737 MAX fast-selling has been installed worldwide since mid-March, while Boeing updates the flight control software at the center of two accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia that together killed 346 people in a span of five months

Among other US airlines operating the MAX, Southwest Airlines Co has canceled flights until January 5 and United Airlines Holdings Inc until December 19.

Una revision de seguridad reglamentaria en curso significa que un vuelo clave de prueba de certificación 737 MAX es poco probable antes de noviembre, informó Reuters el martes. Boeing ha dicho repetidamente que espera reanudar los vuelos en el cuarto trimestre, que comenzó el 1 de octubre.

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson told Reuters in September that the agency would need approximately one month after the certification test flight yet to be scheduled before the planes could return to service.

Boeing plans to review the 737 MAX software to receive information from its two angle of attack sensors in the anti-lock system linked to the two fatal accidents and has added additional safeguards. Boeing is also addressing a flaw discovered in the software architecture of the 737 MAX flight control system that involves using and receiving information from the two aircraft flight control computers instead of one.

Meanwhile, airlines that had purchased the low-fuel MAX have canceled thousands of monthly flights while rushing to meet demand with thinner fleets, consuming profits and harming some growth plans.

On Monday, the Southwest Airlines Pilot Association sued Boeing claiming that the aircraft manufacturer deliberately deceived the airline and pilots about its 737 MAX aircraft. The grounding of the 737 MAX has wiped out more than 30,000 Southwest Airlines flights, causing more than $ 100 million in lost wages for the pilots, the union said. Boeing said the suit is without merit.

The American based in Fort Worth, Texas, with 24 MAX jets at the time of grounding and dozens more per order, said he expects to resume about 20 MAX flights a day in mid-January and plans to slowly return the MAX to service commercial throughout the process. January and February.