Madhya Pradesh Minister advises Kailash Vijayvargiya to control his language

BHOPAL: The Minister of Higher Education, Jeetu Patwari, advised BJP National Secretary General Kailash on Wednesday to maintain control over his language.

Patwari's comment comes a day after Vijayvargiya challenged Kamal Nath government on the probable reopening of the 15-year pension scam case. The national secretary general of BJP had said: Jo ukhaar na hai, ukhaar le.

Speaking to reporters, Jeetu Patwari said: “The pension scam, Simhastha scam, young tree plantation scam and electronic tender scam will be investigated. This is a matter related to the state coffers. All these irregularities will be proven because it relates to public money. The probe will not be out of evil intentions.

Patwari also said: “Kailash Vijayvargiya should maintain control over his language. I have said several times that he is a leader who represents the city nationwide. His language and behavior are inappropriate for his personality. This is unacceptable in public life. I am younger than him and I can only advise. What the younger generation is learning from him has already been seen. ”

The MLA Congress from the seat of Kala Peepal, Kunal Choudhary also faced the BJP leader for his choice of words. “What kind of mentality is this that a leader cannot even pronounce the right kind of words? He is making such comments out of fear and anxiety. And if you have no connection to the pension scam, why are you giving such statements on purpose? ”Kunal Choudhary asked.