We support BJP because there is no alternative: Ramdas Athawale

MUMBAI: Union minister and Dalit leader said Wednesday that his team had to continue supporting the ruling alliance led by BJP as there was no other option.

Athawale heads a faction of the Republican Party of India (RPI), founded by Dr. B R Ambedkar.

I have no other political option, so I am with BJP In this election (Maharashtra Assembly), Athawale, known for his sincere way of speaking, told a Marathi news channel.

But the association with the BJP is not merely electoral and for power, I am with them over various social issues as well, he added.

The state minister of the Union for social justice also refuted rumors that his wife Seema entered politics.

She attends some demonstrations and functions of the party. It does not mean that you will join active politics. She takes care of my house and helps me stay active in politics, Athawale said in a question.