Kahaan Hum update Kahaan Tum, October 9: Sonakshi ends with Rohit, Raima asks him to leave

In the last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum , Sonakshi tells Rohit that Raima is in Sumit's house.

Before that, Rohit is seen talking to YK and tells him how he feels responsible for Raima's condition. YK apologizes to Rohit on behalf of his mother and for all the chaos.

In another part of the spa, Pari ends the spa when Deepa confronts her. Pari says he doesn't have an affair with Rohan, since he's married. She asks him not to ruin the married life of Rohan and Tanya, since he won't take her anywhere. But Pari, in return, misbehaves with Deepa and is slapping her. Deepa leaves. Enraged Pari calls Rohan and tells him the whole incident.

Rohan asks him to relax, since he will talk to Deepa chachi about it. A tense Rohan comes home and Tanya asks if everything is okay. Deepa enters Rohan's room and the two share a look.

Rohit arrives at Sumit's house to talk to Raima. Rohit asks Sonakshi to go with him so they can make Raima understand the situation.

Raima takes a knife in his hand and threatens to hurt himself. Sumit manages to throw the knife. Rohit calms down Raima and asks him to listen to Sonakshi.

Raima does not believe him and says that Sonakshi has invented a story. Rohit tells Raima how Sonakshi also became a victim that night.

Sonakshi then tells Raima that he will withdraw from the relationship with Rohit. And Raima asks him to leave the house. Rohit is surprised and doesn't know what to say.