The Bandipur tiger will be captured alive, says the Karnataka forestry department

BENGALURU: The Karnataka said Wednesday that he has not issued orders to take down a tiger that is believed to have killed two men near the Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Sanjay Mohan, chief forest conservator (wildlife), said that only he as head of the state wildlife guard has powers to issue orders to shoot a tiger in conflict. “No such order has been issued. We will capture the tiger alive. However, we will not leave the tiger in the forest, as it is believed that he killed two humans. The tiger will be sent to the rehabilitation center in Bengaluru or to the Mysore Zoo, ”he added.

Mohan made this statement regardless of the farewell function of the celebrations of the 65th Wildlife Week in the city. “The tigers capture operation will be carried out according to the standard operating procedure established by him. We have configured hundreds of camera traps as part of the styling operation. First we will confirm if it is the same tiger that killed two people. We will check other images in our database. Only after proper identification, the big cat will be reassured and captured, ”he added.

The clarification on the capture of tigers came after a press release, which was issued by Aranya Bahvan, Mysore and signed by Jagat Ram, additional chief conservative of the forest (), earlier that day. The statement says that the elusive tiger in Bandipur will be captured or shot down in the next 48 hours. The launch was widely disseminated on social networks and many wildlife lovers expressed concern about the firing orders issued.