Mercedes-Benz India sales down 16 pcs in the January-September period

New Delhi, October 9 () Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz India reported on Wednesday a 15.89 percent drop in sales in the first nine months (January-September) of the year to 9,915 units compared to 11,789 units in the same period year.

The company said it achieved satisfactory sales performance, driven by September sales, under continued strong macroeconomic challenges from previous quarters.

We are happy to maintain our leadership in the luxury car market despite facing strong macroeconomic winds from the previous quarters and also having a higher base in the segment, said Martin Schwenk, CEO and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India. statement.

The company has already crossed the sales mark of 10,000 units in the first week of October aided by strong performance last month and is confident of maintaining this growth momentum by leveraging customer optimism, he added.

As a fundamentally strong brand, Mercedes-Benz continues to be optimistic in the medium and long-term perspective of the dynamic Indian market, Schwenk said.

The long wheelbase E-Class remained a volume engine for the company in the period from January to September, as it continues its successful career with Indian customers.

In addition, the Class C sedan and the GLC SUV also contributed to sales volume and there was a strong demand for the GLS SUV, Mercedes said.

However, the company's dream car segment grew higher by an impressive 160 percent and surpassed other segments in the first half of 2019, he added. Mercedes said it will begin its last product offensive starting in the fourth quarter to take advantage of high customer interest and positive sentiment. MSS RVK