Sanjivani Update October 2, 9: Dr. Ishani misbehaves with Dr.Sid

The last episode of Sanjivani 2 starts with Dr. Juhi questioning Dr. Shashank If I ever loved her. Shashank says that love has a different meaning for different people. He says he remembers sharing everything with her and that he trusted her more than he trusted himself. Then he asks Juhi if she calls this love.

Everyone starts preparing for Jessica and Jignesh's wedding.

Ishani falls asleep while decorating the room. Sid puts Ishani in a comfortable position.

Ishani sees Sid sitting near her and starts acting strangely. Sid tells him that he did nothing. Ishani is baffled and says he is happy for Jignesh and Jessica. Sid asks Ishani if ​​he has any symptoms of the disease called love. Ishani stutters a little and then misbehaves with Dr. Sid .

Vardhan gives Dr. Anjali a sari. She loses control and asks Vardhan not to cross the lines again. Vardhan asks Anjali why they should have lines between them. Then he says he is ashamed of his behavior and will never repeat it.

Ishani tells Dr. Sid that she will never fall in love with someone like him as they are two opposite persons. Sid says that she is a psycho case and it is fine if she doesn’t want to fall in love with him. Ishani asks him if he is hoping for her to fall in love with him.