Viral: this couple used 26k plastic bottles found in the mountains to build a family home

The ban on plastic is the most important problem the world is currently struggling with and innovative ways to get rid of it are being discovered. In the middle of the social awakening, this couple of Uttarakhand discovered an innovative to put 26,000 plastic bottles found in mountains to a creative use. They built a creative four-room homestay in Hartola village of Nainital district, Uttarakhand.

“We travel a lot to the mountains and every time we go to a place, we are disappointed to see the amount of plastic waste generated in the mountains without any recycling or proper disposal. It was then that we were struck that we wanted to do something with the plastic that is generated in the mountains. We believe that any of the people should recycle the plastic in the mountains or recover the plastic waste generated by them, but not damage the mountains with all the waste, Deepti Sharma told the media.

Deepti Sharma is a school teacher in Meerut and she, together with her husband, built the house because she wanted to send a message to use plastic in a better way in the mountains. The increase in tourism in the mountains has turned these serene places into a landfill, but this couple is a true inspiration for a creative solution.