Dismissed staff member of the Supreme Court seeks report of harassed probe

NEW DELHI: The Fired Female Worker, Whose Party Against CJI Was Fired, Searched Tuesday For A Copy Of The Investigation Report To Know" How, Why And On What Basis" . The Panel Found Her Complaint Without Substance "

Her Letter To The Panel Of Justices SA Bobde, Indu Malhotra And Indira Banerjee, Released To The Media By Her Lawyers, Repeated Her Complaint Against The Procedure Followed By The Internal Panel And Said:" If A Copy Of The Report Is Drafted To The CJI Directly Or Indirectly, I Am In Any Case Entitled To A Copy Of It Not Providing A Copy To The Complainer While Her Complaint Is Unfounded, Would Be A Violation Of The Principles Of Natural Justice And A Full Complaint Straight. "

The Secretary-General Of The SC Had Made A Statement On Monday Stating That The Internal Panel Found No Content In The Allegations In The Complaint Of April 19 By A Former SC Employee. He Also Said That The Report Would Not Be Made Public Because In 2003 The CV Had Prevented Internal Investigation Reports From Being Made Public.

Indira Jaising, However, Said That The Verdict In 2003 Was A Pre-RTI Judgment And That It Cannot Therefore Be Said That It Is Replacing The Right Law. In Accordance With The Position Of Jaising ' S, Said The Complaining Woman As The Jury Members ' Resources Would Be Accessible To Persons Under The RTI Law, The Report Of The Internal Investigation Panel Must Also Be Available In The Public Domain Under Transparency Law.