Zaeden's first single with Amyra Dastur reaches 10 million views

0A_NQBsw. When Sahil Sharma, aka Zaeden, based in Dona Paula, recorded a catchy whistle on his phone, he didn't realize he would end up playing a chord with a million people. But while he talks to us, he gets excited about the music video for his simple debut. Tere Bina has reached 10 million views on YouTube. It is the same song that he performed during his DJ season in Tomorrowland earlier this year, just a few weeks before the official release. “I try not to expect anything every time I take out a song. But in secret you always have that little hope and expectation with your work, ”he says. The love song represents the beautiful moments of a relationship and has touched the sensitive fiber with the younger generation that has been listening to it on various transmission platforms.

The song is composed by Sahil himself and the lyrics are made by Kunaal Vermaa. Initially I thought I would write the chorus on the whistle hook, but it was so catchy on a whistle that I thought it would be great to keep it as it is. I came up with a guitar riff and worked on the vocal melody of the song. He publishes that my manager, Aayushman, introduced me to Kunaal, who wrote the lyrics of the song. I wanted the words to be super simple and easy to relate, and Kunaal really did it. He really understands my vision and my way of working!


The characteristics of the music video Judgementall Hai Kya The actor Amyra Dastur. “Like the song, I wanted the video to be relatable and fresh. I discovered Amyra in my Instagram news and I thought I could fit perfectly in the paper. She is young, beautiful and an amazing actress. Our teams got in touch and I was very happy to know that she loved the song and wanted to be part of it. During filming, I was a little nervous about acting, but Amyra made it super comfortable for me. She really is a professional and very sweet person, ”he says.

The song reached a few million visits within a few days of uploading it. Several people from the music and film fraternity, including Armaan Malik, talked about it on various social media platforms. I am impressed by all the love for the song. As a debut, I could not have asked for a better start. My biggest victory is to see people sing the song, ”he says. Speaking of his best moment after the release, he says: “This is when I see my father proud of my song and its success. He is a singer himself, but he never pursued him professionally. ”


Currently, he is preparing for the song tour in several Indian cities, and this will be his first time playing live with his hand. “This is something super new for me and I am very excited. I am sure that the trip will be full of great memories and also many lessons. I can't wait to get on the road, he says. He is also working on a unplugged version of Tere Bina with Jonita Gandhi and preparing for some solos and collaborations. I am very excited about the new music and this new trip, says the singer who recently made a transition from being a DJ to singing.