Twinkle Khanna says she has always been irreverent

He began his acting career and then went on to interior design and even writing. And now, Twinkle Khanna He is busy establishing a platform for women-oriented content.

The actress spoke with a newspaper about the platform, which is called Tweak India. She said the idea was to make women's lives easier. Plus woman Twinkle said: they are multitask , who constantly juggle their careers and personal lives. In the midst of all this, they must also take time for themselves, either simply to rest or get ready.

Twinkle hopes that her platform will help woman manage their lives better with tweaks — be it a seven-minute recipe or a quick beauty tip, or some food for thought.

About driving so much herself, Twinkle said she is not afraid of work. However, she is a fan of control, who finds it difficult to leave things, and is something that is constantly trying to change about herself. When asked about the irreverent tone in his writing, Twinkle said there is nothing so serious in life, including death, that no joke can be made about it. She has always been that way and has often gotten into trouble telling the truth.