D-Town celebrities enjoy fafda-jalebi in Dussehra

Come Dussehra and Amdavadis lining up to get a slice of their favorite festive snack outside farsan shops is a common sight. And even though, both fafda and jalebis are available all through the year, city foodies say eating it on Dussehra has a charm of its own. And Gujarati celebs are no exception, who wait for this day to gorge on their favorite snack. “Gorging on fafda-jalebi on Dussehra is a must for me, ”says actor Malhar Thakar . And he adds: I go to my favorite farsan shop in the Walled City and I totally give in to the temptation of this delicious sweet and savory snack. Even conscious health makes it a cheat day to savor the dish. Says actress Netri Trivedi , “Eating fafda-jalebi is mandatory for me on Dussehra.nI give dieting and healthy eating a break on this day as dancing through the nine nights during Navratri provide enough exercise. ”Such is the craze of this traditional dish that people just can't seem to have enough of it.

Singer Parth Oza says that he indulges himself in fafda-jalebi even during his concerts abroad. “Most garba venues abroad serve fafda-jalebi, and whenever I am performing there, I make sure I eat some of it. It makes things a little more spicy. ”