US send carrier, bombers to Mideast is" psychological warfare" : Iran

DUBAI: The Best Security Body Of Iran ' Rejected As A US Announcement That A Career Group And Bombers Are Being Sent To The Middle East As A Message To Tehran, The Semi-official Tasnim News Agency That Was Known Tuesday.

Tensions Rose To The Eve Of The Anniversary Of The World Powers' US Withdrawal. 2015 Nuclear Deal With Iran. Tehran Is Likely To Resurrect A Portion Of His Discontinued Nuclear Program On Wednesday In Response To The US Relocation, But Does Not Intend To Return From The Agreement Himself, State Media Said.

The American National Security Adviser John Bolton Said On Sunday That The United States Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group And A Bomber Task Force To The Middle East In A Warning About Alleged Threats By Iranian Forces.

Bolton ' S Declaration Is An Awkward Use Of A Burnt Out Event For (The Purpose Of) Psychological Warfare, Tasnim Quoted Keyvan Khosravi, Spokesperson For The Supreme National Security Council, As Follows. Khosravi Said The Courier Weeks Arrived In The Mediterranean Sea.

The US Secretary Of Defense, Patrick Shanahan, Said Monday That He Had Agreed To Send The Carrier Strike Group And Bombers For Evidence Of" Credible Threat By Iranian Government Forces." He Gave No Details About The Underlying Intelligence.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Said On Twitter: If The US And Customers Don't Feel Safe, It's Because They Are Despised By The Population Of The Region, Blaming Iran That Won't Change. .

Iran ' S State-run Press TV Said Previously: The Implementation Seems A ' Regularly Scheduled ' One By The US Navy, And Bolton Has Just Tried To Tell It.


Apart From That, A Military Advisor To Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Claimed That The United States Is" Neither Willing Nor Able" ; Of Military Action Against Iran, ISNA Semi-official Press Agency Reported.

Brigadier Hossein Dehgan Said Washington Would Have A Hard Time Convincing World Opinion And Regional Countries To Accept A Comprehensive War Against Iran And Mobilizing Resources For Such A Conflict.

Iranian Newspapers And Commentators Have Announced Washington ' Rejected As A" Bluff" ; And Empty Rhetoric "

However, As The Jitters About The War Of The Words Came Up, The Iranian Currency Expanded Tuesday And Swung Around A Seven-month Low Against The US Dollar On The Unofficial Market, Foreign Currency Websites Reported.

The Rial Fell Tuesday To $ 154,000 Compared To 150,500 Rials On Monday, Reaching The Lowest Value Since Early October 2018, According To

Last Week, President Donald Trump ' S Administration Said It Would Lead To Exemptions For Countries That Buy Iranian Oil In An Attempt To Iran ' Rough Exports To Reduce After Zero Washington ' S Withdrawal From The Nuclear Deal.

The Government Has Also Blacklisted The Iranian Elite Revolutionary Guard.

Iran Said Last Month That It Was Prepared For An American Decision To End The Waivers While The Revolutionary Guard Repeated A Threat Street Of Hormuz In The Gulf If Tehran Should Not Use It.

About 30 Percent Of The Oil And Sea Exports By The Sea Are Sent Via The Zeestraat.

While Shanahan And Bolton Did Not Elaborate On The Core Of The American Intelligence Services, Other American Officials Told Reuters That There Were" Multiple, Credible Threats" . Against American Troops On Land, Including In Iraq, Iran And Proxy Troops And At Sea.