AI, big data to change the rules of the game in the agricultural sector of India: Agri Sec

New Delhi, September 26 () Artificial intelligence and big data are going to be a game changer in the agricultural sector, and the government aims to collect around 80 percent of that data by 2020, the secretary of Agriculture, Sanjay Aggarwal. .

The government realized taking advantage of farmers' data while implementing the PM-KISAN scheme under which Rs 6,000 is paid annually directly to farmers as income support, he said.

We execute different agricultural schemes and have large data in each scheme. We can use this data for a better targeting of the scheme. By 2020, we should have 80 percent of the farmers' data collected and it will be a game changer. Aggarwal said by addressing the 3rd Agriculture Outlook Forum in India here.

The data will help frame the right policy and converge some projects to achieve the specific development of farmers and the sector in general, he said.

The government has already begun to collect data from farmers registered under the main schemes. He added that there are data related to soil health, Kisan credit cards, crop insurance and even the land being digitized.

The secretary also said a pilot project is being implemented along with the help of the IT firm IBM in four districts to provide weather forecast at farm and village level and soil moisture.

On the PM-KISAN scheme, he said that the scheme not only provides income support but also increases the level of confidence of farmers.

Around 85 million farmers have registered under the scheme and the government has disbursed the first installment that amounts to USD 3.5 billion so far, he said.

The secretary also talked about progress in the crop insurance scheme and how technology is being used to assess crop damage. On the problem of the shortage of some crops, especially oilseeds, he said that the government has achieved self-sufficiency in legumes, and measures are being taken to achieve the same in oilseeds and reduce the country's dependence on oil imports edible. LUX RUJ RUJ