" 100 ideas to improve governance in India," discussed during governance, come together for probation officers for military engineers

HYDERABAD: Government Organizations Should Become Innovation-Friendly Institutions, Said B Acharya, Special Chief Secretary Of Government And Director, MCR Human Resource Development Institute In The City On Tuesday.

During A" Workshop On Innovative Governance" For Probation Service Providers In The Military Area, He Also Said That A Number Of Government Departments And Public Companies Have Succeeded In Successfully Bringing Governance Innovations Into Progress, Despite Multiple Limitations And Challenges Related To This Exercise. He Urged All Employees, In All The Wings Of The Government, To Proactively Support Change Champions, Instead Of Discouraging Them And Only Finding Errors With Them.

" Innovations In Governance Must Be A Way Of Life And All Government Organizations Must Become Innovation Friendly Institutions," He Said.

Dr. MCR HRD Institute Of" Workshop On Innovations In Governance" Organized For Probation Workers Of Military Engineers From 13 States, Attending A Basic Course, Sponsored By The Ministry Of Defense, The Government Of India The Workshop Was Also Attended By Trainee Auditors, Trainees Of The Center For Human Security Studiers And Others.

J K Dadoo, Formerly Addl. Secretary & Financial Advisor, Ministry Of Commerce, Govt. Of India, The Main Resource During The Workshop, Said The World Of Work Has Turned At A Staggering Pace And Underlined The Need For All Government Institutions To Meet Their Visions, Strategies, Procedures, And Processes To Meet The Dynamic Expectations Of Different Stakeholders. He Said That Creative Thinking, Which Is A Prerequisite For Innovations, Was Not The Monopoly Of A Small Group Of Employees With High Intelligence." Creative Thinking Can Be Learned By Anyone," He Said.

Dadoo Said That The Figures Of Extreme Poor People In India Are Estimated At 92 Million In India And Called For Innovative Interventions Aimed At Fighting Poverty Through Large-scale Improvements In Health, Sanitation And Rural Development. He Called For Joint Efforts By The Government, Industry And Other Stakeholders To Establish Broad-based Innovations With A Primary Focus On Rural Areas.

Dadoo Said That The Performance Of India In The Achievement Of Olympic Medals, With A Population Of 1.2 Billion, Leaves Much To Be Desired. , Will Result In Getting As Many As 70 Medals In Events, Especially The Olympics," He Said.

He Also Presented His Book Entitled" 100 Ideas To Improve Governance In India," To BP Acharya, As This Would Help Policy Makers, Employees At All Levels Of Government Agencies, Business Sectors, And Trade Organizations Initiate Practical Improvements In The Day . Contemporary Board.