Director Raj Kumar Gupta: 'India's most wanted' not against anyone

With Questions Asked On Social Media About His New Film " India's Most Wanted" , Director Raj Kumar Gupta It States That No Political Intention Has Directed The Story Of The Film, Which Is Said To Have A Theme In The Age Of The UPA Rule.

He Claimed That They Didn't Target Anyone With The Project.

" The Kind Of Environment We Are In Right Now, Everything And Anything Can Get Politicized. The Film Is Not Against Anyone," Gupta Told A News Agency About The Phone.

" We Will Insult Our Intelligence Agencies And Unsung Heroes Who Do So Much For The Country By Doing So. The Filmmaker, Who Started Working On The Subject In 2013.

The Teaser Of The Film Highlighted The Number Of Blasts That Took Place During 2007 To 2013. A Section Of Social Media Users Questioned Whether The Makers Were Targeting The Previous Congress-led UPA Government In The Election Season.

" It's Not Meant Like That. The Release Of The Movie Or When It Gets Made Is Not In My Control. My Thing Is That Whenever I Feel Inspired By Something That Happened, I Decide To Make A Movie," Gupta Said.

" But It Is Not Coincide With Anything. It Should Not Be Politicized. We Will Insult Our People By Doing So. It Should Not Be Done Like That."

Another From The Bhagavad Gita Being Quoted By The On-screen Terrorist Became Another Point Of Contention For Many. According To Gupta, There's A Context To It.

" You Have To Look At It With The Context, You Should Not Look At Things Isolated, It Is Not Something That Has Been Cooked, It Is Something That Has Been Investigated And There Is A Context In The Film. See That Point Of View Is Even A Fit Answer To That You Will See And Understand In The Film," Said The Filmmaker, Who Previously Shrouded Films Like " Aamir" , " Raid" And" No One Killed Jessica."

Said to be inspired by true events , " India's Most Wanted" unfolds the story of a mission that resulted in the capture of the country's most wanted terrorist , without firing a single bullet. Produced by Fox Star Studios , Gupta and Myra Karn , the film is slated to release on May 24.

There's Speculation That It's About Militant Group Indian Mujahideen's Founder Yasin Bhatkal, Who Once Topped Delhi Police's List Of 15 Most Wanted Terrorists. Bhatkal Was Arrested From The India-Nepal Border After A Joint Operation By Bihar Police And Intelligence Agencies In August 2013.

But Why Not Reveal The Identity Of The Terrorist?

Gupta Wants The Audience To Watch The Film And Decide.

" The Movie Is Inspired By True Events. What's In The Movie And What's Not, One Has Come To The Theater To See It And Make That Judgment. There's No Attempt To Hide Anything (from Our Side). But Has To Watch The Film Come To Any Conclusion."

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