The rivers of India are in grave danger: Leonardo DiCaprio lends his support to draw attention to the country's disappearing rivers

Oscar-winning actor and environmental activist, Leonardo Dicaprio He has come forward to lend his stellar power to draw attention to the small missing rivers of India.

Taking into account his Facebook profile, the star wrote: The rivers of India are in grave danger with the disappearance of many of its smaller rivers. He then went on to share a link from an NGO to encourage fans and fellow environmentalists to join the cause and help the initiative.

Just a few months ago, the actor made the world move through the water crisis in Chennai. By sharing an image that highlighted the crisis, his legend said: Only rain can save Chennai from this situation. A completely empty well, and a city without water. The city of Chennai, in southern India, is in crisis, after the four main water tanks dried up completely. The acute water shortage has forced the city to seek urgent solutions and residents have to stand in line for hours to get water from government tanks. As water levels ran out, hotels and restaurants began to temporarily close, and the air conditioner turned off in the city subway. City officials continue trying to find alternative sources of water, but the community continues to pray for rain. Touch the link in our biography to read more about the Chennai water crisis.

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The actor, who has talked a lot about climate change , también fue instrumental in dar la alarma sobre los incendios furiosos in el Amazon Basin el mes pasado. Desde defender la causa e incluso usar su poder estelar para conocer e influir in las personas de poder, el actor incluso dedicó su discurso ganador del Oscar para crear conciencia.

Él dijo: “El climate change es real. Está sucediendo ahora mismo. Es la amenaza más urgente que enfrenta toda nuestra especie y necesitamos trabajar juntos de manera colectiva y dejar de postergar .

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