Megan Fox: being sexualized by Hollywood led to a psychological collapse

Megan fox said to be constantly seen as a sex symbol in Hollywood It led her to have a psychological collapse. Best known for films such as the series 'Jennifer's Body' and 'Transformers', the actor said the boxing created a tense relationship with the media so much that he developed a fear of public appearances.

It wasn't just that movie, it was every day of my life, all the time, with every project I worked on and every producer I worked with. He preceded a breaking point for me. I think I had a genuine psychological collapse where I didn't want anything to do. I didn't want to be seen, I didn't want to take a picture, make a magazine, walk on a carpet, I didn't want to be seen in public because of fear, and belief, and the absolute certainty that they were going to make fun of me, or spit, or that someone was going to yell at me, or people would stone me or attack me for being outside, so I went through a very dark moment after that, Fox told an American television entertainment news magazine.

The horror movie 'Jennifer's Body' is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month and the actor said the industry could have heard her if she talked about being sexualized today in the wake of the #MeToo movement. I feel I was out and in front of the #MeToo movement before the #MeToo movement happened, I was talking and saying: 'Hey, these things are happening to me and they are not well. And everyone was like, oh well, fuck. We don't care, you deserve it. Because everyone talked about how you looked or how you dressed or the jokes you made, Fox said. The actor's last release was 'Zeroville' and then it will be seen in 'Think like a dog' & 'Big Gold Brick' .