If the central funds had reached Ju0026K, the houses would have had golden roofs: Amit Shah

MUMBAI: The people in Jammu and Kashmir would have had houses with a golden roof if the previous governments had spent all the funds released by the Center for the development of the region, the head of BJP and the Interior Minister of the Union said on Sunday , Amit Shah, in the suburbs of Goregoan.

Speaking at a rally here about the Center's decision to repeal the provisions of, he added that the Center's measure would bring progress to Ju0026K.

The Indian government has spent Rs 2.27 lakh crore so far in Jammu and Kashmir since its formation. If he had gone to the people, his houses would have had golden roofs, Shah said.

He said that Article 370, which granted Ju0026K a special status, allowed governments there not to establish an anti-corruption office, which made it easier for some to loot the money the Center was sending for development work.

The previous governments in JK did not allow the implementation of the anti-corruption law. Nor was there an anti-corruption office. Previous governments surrendered to unbridled corruption. Since there was no ACB, the money sent to people was diverted, he said. .

Article 370 was not to protect the culture of Jammu and Kashmir. It was to protect the corruption of their (political leaders), he said.

In a historic movement on August 5, the Center annulled Article 370 and announced the fork of Jammu and Kashmir in two territories of the Union.