Akhara Paris had to expel Chinmayanand from the holy community

HARIDWAR: The organization of Hindu saints and ascetics convened a meeting of all Akharas in Haridwar on October 10 to expel the community from the BJP leader and former Union minister.

According to sources, he will remain expelled from the community of saints unless he is acquitted by the Court.

It is pertinent to mention that one month after a law student filed rape charges against Chinmayanand, he was arrested Friday by the Uttar Pradesh police. He was charged with a crime that did not amount to rape, harassment and criminal intimidation.

He was referred to 14 days in judicial custody by a local court in Shahjahanpur.

According to the police, Chinmayanand has accepted all the evidence presented to him.

The matter was highlighted when the girl disappeared on August 24 after posting a Facebook post alleging that a person from 'sant samaj' threatened to kill her and her relatives. Then he did not name Chinmayanand.

It was located in Rajasthan six days later and presented to the Supreme Court the same day after an order of the cusp court. The apex court then ordered to establish a SIT to investigate the matter.