Kashmir held with gun and charas in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Police recovered a gun and 19 bullets from a Kashmiri in the suburbs of Oshiwara and is investigating his motive for visiting Mumbai, an official said on Sunday.

Police recovered the gun and bullets of Tanveer Sharif Khan (30), a resident of the Pooch district of Jammu and Kashmir, when he, along with three others, was allegedly smoking (a form of cannabis) in a dormitory on Saturday night. night.

All four have been reserved under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), he said.

The other three are identified as Ishaq Manzoor Khan (21), who also comes from Anwar Mustak Hussain (30) and Shabbir Qureshi (30), both residents of the suburbs.

The official said police discovered that a bullet was missing in the gun.

Police are investigating whether Tanveer used the bullet to commit a crime in the city, the official said.

Tanveer said he used to know Hussain and Qureshi when he used to work as a security guard in Mumbai, he said.

The official added that they would contact their counterparts in J-K for details about Tanveer's gun license and bullets.

We are also trying to discover Tanveer's motive for visiting Mumbai. If necessary, we will reserve it under the Weapons Act, the official said.