'The abrogation of Art370 will help the people of Ju0026K to join the mainstream of the nation'

BENGALURU: The repeal would pave the way for people from, until now, living lives of second-class citizens, to join the nation's mainstream, BJP acting president J. P Nadda said on Sunday.

It is not only a joyful moment for the people of India, but also for those in Jammu and Kashmir because they were leading the lives of second-class citizens.

Now they can join the mainstream of the nation, he said as he addressed a meeting on the theme A nation, a constitution on the palace grounds here.

Nadda said the important laws passed by Parliament over the years, including the Right to Information Law, the SC/ST law and those related to domestic violence, will now be implemented there.

With the abrogation, Gujjars and Bakharwals can also contest elections. There will be reservations for SC/ST in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, Nadda said.

He said repealing article 370 would also give Dalits the right to join judicial and administrative services, something they were not allowed to do before.

There were provisions that the Dalits of Punjab who went to Jammu and Kashmir cannot do any work other than being sanitation workers. This was the injustice committed in them, he said.

Nadda said the world has supported India in its action to repeal the provisions of article 370, granting special status to Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan He is isolated in the world today (about the Kashmir problem).

He shocked the opposition parties for 'spreading lies' for seven decades that Jammu and enjoyed a special status.

It is not true that Article 370 granted a special status to Jammu and Kashmir. It is a historical lie spread by political parties.

If you read the Constitution and Article 370, it is clearly mentioned that it is temporary and transitory, Nadda said.