More than three quarters of the population of Ju0026K supported the repeal of Art 370: Rajnath Singh

PATNA: Article 370 was like a chancre that bled Jammu and Kashmir, Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh He said Sunday, stating that more than three quarters of the population of the former state supported his abrogation.

Addressing a Jan Jagran Sabha (public awareness meeting) organized by the BJP here, where leaders talked about the Narendra Modi government movement to strip Ju0026K of special status, Singh said the party has fulfilled its promises.

As a nationalist party, the BJP never softened its stance on the issue. Article 370 was like a chancre (nasoor) that left Ju0026K bleeding. Now we have shown that we are an honest and credible party that keeps its promises, Singh said evoking applause from the crowd.

He blamed Article 370 and Article 35A that emerged from him, for the state that is in the midst of terrorism.

Ju0026K will now be transformed in five years. In fact, more than three quarters of its population wanted this provision approved. Our intentions were good and it is not surprising that our movement has been wholeheartedly backed by our alliance partners, Singh said. .

Warning to the neighboring country against the promotion of cross-border terrorism, in the wake of recent events in Kashmir, he said: Talks with Pakistan will resume onwards only after it stops promoting terrorism. And you should also keep in mind that Ju0026K is an integral part of India. All discussions will only take place on Kashmir occupied by Pak.

In particular, the abolition of article 370 has been one of the key promises made by the BJP in its electoral manifests. It was achieved earlier this year by a presidential order and the ruling party in the Center managed to secure a parliamentary assent for the bifurcation of the state in the territories of the Union with the help of its coalition partners.

However, the JD (U) of Bihar Prime Minister Nitish Kumar emerged as the only dissenting voice of the alliance, as he organized a strike in both Houses of Parliament after expressing his disapproval of the Narendra Modi government movement .

The defense minister also warned Pakistan against repeated mistakes of 1965 and 1971, referring to the two wars fought and won against the neighboring country, and said he was at risk of being dismantled due to a flagrant violation of human rights.

We do not need to do anything against Pakistan. It will be dismantled by the same path you have chosen. The country will be devoured by the flagrant violation of human rights and the flourishing terrorism in its territory, Singh said grimly, without giving further details. .

He ruled out the theory of one man's terrorist is the freedom fighter of another man that the neighboring country often uses to justify militancy in the northern state.

Let's see how many terrorists they can send (to India). None of them will return, he added.

Among the others who addressed the meeting here were Union ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad and Nityanand Rai and Bihar's deputy chief minister, Sushil Kumar Modi.