How Delhi can become the capital of electric vehicles in India

NEW DELHI: To realize your dream of having clean, ecological and people-centered mobility solutions, Delhi You may need to deploy about 35,000 electric and accessible passenger vehicles, at least 1,000 electric vehicles for last mile connectivity and several hundred public charging and exchange stations in the next year, a first from Su tipo from informe ha subrayado.

With one from las flotas from autobuses propulsadas por GNC más grandes del mundo y una red expandida from metro-ferrocarril que cubre 373 kms, he Delhi the government has now embarked on its next phase from viaje: soluciones from movilidad limpias, compartidas y centradas en las personas.

Según he informe del Laboratorio from movilidad urbana, además from vehículos y hardware, otros objetivos para he Delhi government includes getting thousands from usuarios en plataformas digitales from transporte compartido y from intercambio from datos y asegurando que la información relacionada con he enrutamiento, la reserva y he pago sea accesible en múltiples formatos.

The Urban Mobility Lab 'es una plataforma donde reunimos a actores gubernamentales y privados para colaborar y ayudar a avanzar en soluciones from movilidad que tienen la esperanza from transforming lives from ciudadanos from la ciudad, dijo Akshima Ghate, directora,.

To translate political action into progress on the ground, the Delhi gobierno, a través from la Comisión from Diálogo y Desarrollo from Delhi (DDC), and non-pr from it Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) kicked from f he "Urban Mobility Lab", a platform that supports India n cities in identifying, implementing, and scaling pilot projects and solutions that transform how people and goods move.

Los líderes from movilidad del gobierno y la industria participaron en he taller from dos días en he capital Recently, where electric and urban mobility were the two focal points.

Se identificaron y elaboraron 10 necesidades a nivel from sistema y soluciones propuestas en he taller y cada una representaba una oportunidad para ampliar Delhi Initiatives in electric and urban mobility.

The participants aim to provide new products and services for a range from segmentos from vehículos y casos from uso. También apuntan a poner en marcha he desarrollo from Delhi 'red from carga pública , dijo he informe.

To support the objective from getting better Delhi The air quality, the project EV policy by Delhi government sets an ambitious target for Battery Electric Vehicles (B EV s) to make up 25 per cent from matriculaciones from vehículos nuevos para 2023.

In a city with the largest number from Vehículos registrados en he país (más from 10 millones) que está agregando más from 2,000 vehículos todos los días, reducir las emisiones vehiculares es una prioridad, enfatizó he informe.

As part from su iniciativa from presupuesto ecológico y sus esfuerzos para reducir la contaminación vehicular, Delhi has initiated actions to acquire 1,000 fully electric buses.

The project EV the policy also highlights the objective from doing 50 percent from la flota from autobuses from transporte público from cero emisiones para 2023 .

The plan from Delhi he gobierno debe crear colaboraciones y proporcionar modales y plataformas como he Laboratorio from movilidad urbana a través del cual may estar constantemente en diálogo con todas las partes interesadas que se toman en serio la implementación from soluciones from movilidad eléctrica en Delhi and partner and collaborate with them to ensure that Delhi becomes the electric vehicle capital from India , explicó Jasmine Shah, Vicepresidenta, DDC, que es un grupo from expertos from primer nivel from he Delhi government.

Los estudios indican que las emisiones del tubo from escape del vehículo constituyen casi he 30 por ciento from particle pollution in Delhi . In a city with the largest number from registered vehicles in he country (more than 10 million) that is adding more than 2,000 vehicles every day, reducing vehicular emissions is a priority, he report noted.

Delhi government and RMI are jointly developing a pilot project on he electrification from vehículos from entrega from milla final en Delhi .

Electrification from los vehículos from transporte from mercancías utilizados para entregas from corta distancia son uno from he key focus areas from he draft Delhi EV politics.

"The urban freight pilot aims to support he launch from 1,000 vehículos from reparto eléctrico en Delhi by January 2020," said he report.

Although he "Urban Mobility Lab" workshop focused on Delhi and he proposed solutions are specific to he city, "the needs and insights are relevant to other states and cities".

"As he capital city from potentially he second largest metropolitan area in he world, Delhi It sends a signal to other cities, states and other nations, said Clay Stranger, director of the Rocky Mountain Institute.

El Laboratorio from movilidad urbana está dirigido por RMI y se anunció en noviembre from 2017.