Man arrested for alleged illegal importation of exotic animals seeks bail from Bombay High Court

MUMBAI: The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) recently arrested a businessman for being part of an alleged union involved in smuggling Siamese crocodiles and 20 babies.

Imran Shirgawkar, 36, who was arrested on September 13 for crimes under Customs Law for allegedly being part of the union dedicated to the illegal import of, requested bail on Friday.

The DRI said that Siamese crocodiles are covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals. The importation of monkeys is prohibited by virtue of a 1969 customs notification.

The animals, classified as 'exotic' by a forest officer, were on a private bus on July 27 from Bangalore to Mumbai, the DRI said in its declaration of pretrial detention on September 14. The agency said it had intercepted a man at a specific intelligence entrance on a bus at 11 pm. A search of his luggage allegedly revealed the monkey and baby crocodiles, which were later confiscated by the DRI.

The DRI case is that Shirgawkar had allegedly traveled to Bangkok in July to buy the animals that were handed over to another defendant who took them to Chennai and were picked up by the man on the bus to take them to Mumbai.

The DRI summoned Shirgawkar on September 13 and was arrested the same day. The next day, a magistrate arrested him in judicial custody. It is hosted in. Earlier on August 30, the court of sessions and later the high court of Bombay on September 9 rejected their request for bail prior to arrest.

Shirgawkar, represented by lawyer Sujay Kantawala and lawyer Siddiqui Arif, requested a hearing before a bank of judges Ranjit More and N J Jamadar. The bank published the matter for its hearing until September 23. The DRI was represented by lawyer Rebecca Gonsalvez and the state government defender Purnima Kantharia was present.

Shirgawkar in his petition said that the crime is aggravated under the Customs Law. The Customs Law stipulates capitalization: close the case of certain crimes by paying certain fines, according to your request. His plea is that he was not aware of the acts of omission or commission of alleged importers or their associates.