Elections to the assembly: Will Rahul's position make or break Cong?

Rahul Gandhi He resigned as head of Congress and withdrew from public attention for now. And yet, his comments are what determine the position of the party on issues of economy to politics. And this is where Congress will be tested in the next polls.

It is interesting that while Rahul strongly opposed the repeal of, leader Deepender Hooda supported the movement. Now, if BJP makes Congress a problem, can Hooda's personal position neutralize Rahul's unequivocal statements?

Not much has changed between the Rahul from the pre and post-2019 polls. Gandhi's scion has carried out his scathing attacks against PM Modi. Congressional sections have long believed that compulsive criticism of Modi does not bear fruit.

With the upcoming polls anyway a difficult test for Congress, any Rahul campaign would provide a foil ready for BJP.

The way in which Congress and Rahul handle the campaign against BJP would have a great impact in the future.