World Marrow Donor Day: Kerala's Edwin, 23, is a donor of stem cells for the second time

KOCHI: Edwin Dominic, a 23-year-old donor, performs a rare act of saving two lives by donating blood stem cells to two patients within two years.

Registered as a voluntary donor of blood stem cells in Datri, the largest record of non-adult blood donors in India in 2016, then, as a university student, Edwin became the unrelated donor of bone marrow for both patients, the The first was a five-year-old boy with and the second is an adult.

He was also the second unrelated bone marrow donor in the state. While many of the volunteer donors have never become a partner for a patient during their lifetime, Edwin was fortunate to become a partner for a second patient and that too within two years of his first donation, said Aby Sam John, a donor marrow himself and Kerala head of NGO-Datri.

In June of this year, when Datri's team again approached him to donate for a much older blood cancer patient, Edwin came forward to donate through the peripheral blood stem cell donation (PBSC) method.

Speaking of his experience as a donor twice, Edwin said: I never realized the joy of saving a life until I had the opportunity to see the child, who leads a happy and normal life due to a few hours of effort I put on. with the help of the DATRI team. I felt that he is now my blood brother and I have a lifelong connection with him.

Aby said the message he needs to leave desperately is that it is safe to donate blood stem cells, which is almost like a blood donation.