China says Mike Pompeo's Arctic is a" misrepresentation"

BEIJING: China Tuesday Backed To American Criticism Of His Presence In The Arctic, Foreign Minister Said Mike Pompeo Had Presented Wrong Facts About His Intentions In The Riches Region.

Pompeo Said For A Meeting Of The Eight Members Of The In Finland On Monday The US Intended To Increase Its Presence In The Region To Keep Russia And China; S Aggressive Behavior There Under Control.

Pompeo ' S Comments Were" A Misrepresentation Of Affairs With Intentions," Said Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang At A Regular Press Conference.

We Have No Geopolitical Calculations And We Are Not Looking For Exclusion Blocks, He Said. Pompeo Warned Of Scenarios In Which Countries Get Entangled In Debt And Corruption, Of Low-quality Investments, Militarization And Uncontrolled Exploitation Of Natural Resources, All Of Which He Said Were The Potential Effects Of Allowing Increasing Chinese Influence.

Geng Said That China Has Participated In Arctic Affairs With" An Open, Cooperative And Win-win Attitude"

China Will Not Intervene In Matters Between Arctic Countries, But It Will Also Not Be Absent From Global Problems In The Arctic, He Said.

While The US And Russia Are Members Of The Arctic Council, China Has Only Observer Status In The Cooperation Body, And Washington Has Been At The Forefront Of Beijing's Attempts To Style Itself As An" Almost Arctic State."

Shuang Said," The Arctic Issue Is Not Only Related To Arctic Countries, But Is Also Of Global Significance And International Influence."

He Said That China Is Willing To Work With Others To Protect The Arctic, Exploit The Arctic, And Participate In Arctic Governance.

Beijing Has Invested Massively In The Region - Nearly $ 90 Billion Between 1990 And 2017, According To Pompeo - And Plans To Take Full Advantage Of The Benefits.

The Channel, Which Drastically Shortens The Sailing Time Between The Pacific Ocean And The Atlantic Ocean By Passing Through Northern Russia, Becomes Increasingly Usable As The Ice Melts.