Winds of change: Sarat Chandra at the head of ACA

HYDERABAD: The winds of change have virtually nullified the influence of the former president. G Gangaraju in the Andhra Cricket Association ( HERE ) After ruling the cricket corps with an iron hand during the last decade, the YSR ruling party surpassed the former Narsapur parliamentarian.

In what turned out to be a unanimous election, only six contestants submitted their documents for the six seats of the Apex Council when the last day of submission of nomination documents came to an end on Thursday. Nominations will be counted on Friday and the final list of candidates will be published on Monday. Thereafter, Election Officer Bhanwar Lal will officially announce the winners, as there is no need for elections on September 27. Therefore, it is only a matter of formality and it is likely that the new agency will take office next week.

Sources said the coup has been engineered by the ruling party in the state. “The government got to know about the unsavoury happenings in the HERE and therefore they stepped in to bring some order into the cricket association,” a source said.

It is learnt that the party’s strongman V Vijaya Sai Reddy has played a key role in ending Gangaraju’s reign in the HERE . Sai Reddy’s son-in-law Rohit Reddy’s brother P Sarat Chandra Reddy, who is the director of the Aurobindo Pharma, is going to be the new president. VVSSKK Yachendra (vice-president), S Gopinath Reddy (treasurer) and R Dhanunjaya Reddy (Councillor) are also believed to be close to the YSRCP strongman.

The sources said that the YSRCP was interested in having a unanimous election and, therefore, reached a compromise with Gangaraju and gave his men two positions. They are: V Durga Prasad (secretary) and KS Ramachandra Rao (joint secretary).

“One shouldn’t be surprised if both of Gangaraju’s men are eased out of the body after a couple of months. One positive thing is that Gangaraju can no longer call the shots. Nothing in the HERE was done without his permission and those days are now history. Hopefully, things will be streamlined in the coming months and all the anomalies are rectified,” a former HERE office-bearer said.

One interesting point is that five of the contestants have filed their nomination on behalf of clubs. Only Durga Prasad is from Krishna District Cricket Association. The standing of the clubs, which haven’t been actively promoting cricket for the last two to three decades, in the HERE has been questioned time and again.