Should we reduce the penalty for child rape?

NEW DELHI: Minister of the Union Nitin Gadkari On Thursday he said he was surprised at why the drivers were against the amended provisions in it, which aims to protect their lives and make roads safer. He said those who oppose the revised law should try to understand the pain of families who have lost their members in traffic accidents.

I don't understand why they oppose the law. Only those who violate the rules face problems, ”he said. Gadkari's comments came in the midst of reports of protests by carriers and drivers, particularly in the National Capital Region, against the sharp increase in penalties for traffic violations.

Citing recent cases in which truck drivers were caught breaking several rules, Gadkari asked: “Who will be responsible and what would be the cost of lost lives in accidents if a drunk driver is involved in fatal accidents? Every year, 1.5 Lakh people die in traffic accidents and at least 2.5 Lakh become disabled (divyang) for the rest of their lives. We have severe penalties for people involved in child rape; Can anyone demand the reduction of sanctions for such a crime? High penalties work as a deterrent for offenders, ”said Gadkari.

Citing statistics, he said, 70% of people killed in traffic accidents, almost 1.05 lakh of 1.51 total deaths in 2018, belonged to the age group of 18 to 45 years. The loss of lives of such a population in its most productive years should be a cause for concern for everyone, Gadkari said.

Early in the day, the Center for Science and the Environment tweeted: “I hope the government does not succumb to the pressure of carriers today. Penalty significant deterrence. Improve governance, but do not reduce fines.

Gadkari said some of the transportation ministers who now oppose the law were part of the group of state transportation ministers who examined all the provisions and approved it. Official records show that transport minister Diwakar Raote, who opposed the fines, attended the GoM meeting in June 2016 and, interestingly, the last GoM meeting was held in Vadodara (Gujarat) before it pass the law