Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Update, Day 60: Mahesh wins the task of captaincy; Vithika is promoted to level 2

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 , the housemates discuss and choose Baba Bhaskar as the best teacher and Mahesh as the best student in the homework of Crazy College. Bigg Boss announces that the two are captaincy contenders.

In the captaincy team ‘Pracharame Aayudham’, the housemates are given garlands and two captaincy contenders need to campaign and gain the housemates ’support by winning their garlands. Mahesh and Baba campaign extensively. Both Mahesh and Baba explain their reasons to contend for captaincy and why they should vote for them. Mahesh eventually gathers more garlands and becomes the new captain of the house.

Baba tells him Sreemukhi He feels that everyone is angry with her. This leaves her worried.

As per the Cheppukondi Chuddam task, Mahesh holds placards of various luxury budget items while the housemates give him clues about them. Himaja is the chancellor of the task.

A family member of every housemate enters the activity area. Sreemukhi and Siva Jyothi Get excited to see your relatives.

According to the task, each of them chooses a box of the 10 boxes placed on the table. 5 boxes have the Bigg Boss eye logo, while 5 boxes have a wild card. Those who get the Bigg Boss eye are promoted to the next level. In the task, only two housemates will have the opportunity to meet their relatives.

Vithika He is lucky when a member of his family receives Bigg Boss' eye in his box.