MITians set the stage on fire with talent and creativity

With around 40 participants, a room full of enthusiastic students and a group of talents, the Pune stage of All Times Fresh face Season 12 began with a swinging note on MIT World Peace University Kothrud From composing rap and poetry songs to acting, dancing and much more, the students brought down the house with their creativity on stage.

Tales of love and heartbreak

Sauraabh_Gokhaale (1)

As our famous judge of the day, actor Sauraabh Gokhaale He entered the auditorium, the crowd welcomed him. The stage was set, and the participants waited anxiously to show their talent. While contestant Manan Shah shared his self-composed rap, which he had written the night before, Rishab Shah showed his karate skill that was full of amazing moments.



The audition also saw incredible talent as the students brought down everyone with their dancing and singing skills, but what surprised the audience were the stories of first love and breakups. Some students even composed funny poems on the subject, for the fun of those present. Shabbir Patrawala, winner of auditions at the university last year, was also seen encouraging participants.

Sadhika_Narsinghani_with_ Meet the semifinalists: from the left: Sadhika Narsinghani, Suraj Dhadoti, Vedant Rawal, Prachi Patil, Sagarika S Chadawar, Siddhi Oak and Sachidanand Patil

A platform to shine

The judges had difficulty choosing the semifinalists. Sauraabh said: This is my fourth year of judging the competition, but every year, I am surprised by the new talent that students bring. I am very happy to see you participate in creative activities like these.

Contestants Sadhika Narsinghani, Prachi Patil, Sagarika Chadawar, Vedant Rawal, Suraj Dhadoti, Sachidanand Patil, Siddhi Oak were chosen as semi-finalists. Shruti Mehta was declared All Miss Happy Skin while Yash Vyas was declared All Mr Happy Skin at the audition. Yash_Vyas All Mr Happy Skin Yash Vyas

Shruti_Mehta All Miss Happy Skin Shruti Mehta

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