No player, coach or owner under investigation, says the head of ACU

MUMBAI/CHENNAI: The Cricket Control Board in India ( BCCI The Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of) could have launched an investigation after several players alleged 'approaches' during the fourth edition of the TNPL , but the head of ACU, Ajit Singh, clarified that no player, coach or team owner is being investigated for irregularities at this stage.

It is understood that between five and six players reported these approaches to the ACU and Singh said they are only investigating these reports and trying to discover the people who made these 'approaches'.

Players, coaches or team owners are not being investigated at this stage. There are five and six players who have informed us about these approaches. They have sent us all the details and we are investigating those reports thoroughly. We are trying to discover who are the people who approached the players. We are tracking these numbers and IP addresses to determine the source. The fact that players have reported on these approaches does not mean that there is an investigation against them, Singh told TOI. Monday.

Singh also reported that the modus operandi of these 'individuals' is through social networks and WhatsApp. In general, they would look for information such as the batting order or who will play first, about the composition of the team and the pitching decisions. So far, we have no information on how to fix games. We have received similar reports of approaches to Karnataka Premier League (KPL) too. These are just random people who are trying their luck by approaching players. But this (players who report approaches) is normal and nothing new, he said.