Petition filed against Gangwar for 'insulting' people of northern India

MUZAFFARPUR: A petition has been filed in a Bihar court against the minister of the Union Santosh Gangwar for insulting the people of northern India by saying that recruiters complain about the lack of quality people in the region.

Social activist Tamanna Hashmi filed the petition Monday before the court of the chief judicial magistrate Tiwari here. In the petition, Hashmi has accused the Minister of State for Labor and Employment of insulting the people of North India in the statement.

The social activist has filed the petition under sections 153 (provocation with the intention of causing disturbances), 195 (fabrication of false evidence), 295 (insulting religion of any kind) and 405 (criminal breach of trust) of the.

It is likely to be brought to a hearing on September 25.

Gangwar, who made the controversial comment on Saturday: his Lok Sabha constituency, he later clarified that he was only emphasizing the lack of necessary skills among young people. And to address it, the government has established the Ministry of Skills Development, he added.