The birthday boy Narendra Modi visits the Statue of Unity in the home state

KEVADIYA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi He turned 69 on Tuesday and started the day with a visit to the Narmada River in his home state of Gujarat.

The Statue of Unity, announced as the tallest in the world, was inaugurated by him on the anniversary of his birth on October 31 of last year.

There were reports that he shot a video of the Statue of the Unit from his helicopter.

Earlier on Tuesday, Modi arrived in Kevadiya to participate in the 'Namami Narmada' festival held by the Gujarat government to mark the filling of the Sardar Sarovar dam on the Narmada river to its total deposit level of 138.68 meters.

For the first time since the height of the dam was raised in 2017, the water level reached its highest peak with 138.68 meters on Sunday night.

Modi, together with the prime minister, would carry out 'puja' at the dam site to 'welcome' the water of the Narmada river, the life line of Gujarat.

The prime minister, who would go to a meeting near the dam, visited several development projects that take place near the dam and the Statue of the Unit to boost tourism.

These projects include rafting, a jungle safari park, a butterfly park and the Ekta nursery, an official said.

Modi also visited the Khalvani ecotourism site. On the safari, he apparently saw deer.

Modi is also expected to visit Dutt Mandir in the nearby village of Garudeshwar, on the banks of Narmada.