The children of the city receive an introduction to the world of Indian music

As part of a monthly program conducted by the music club in a renowned museum in the city, children from the age group of three and a half to nine years attended a session of Indian classical music. The purpose of this particular session was to introduce the nuances of children from the beginning Indian classical music so that they are able to enjoy and appreciate its melody and rhythm. The interactive workshop was designed and conceptualised by Kamakshi Khurana and Vishala Khurana. Kamakshi shared, "We have been conducting a series of workshops to introduce kids to Indian classical music . In this particular session, we used stories and games to teach kids about sargam and the significance of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa in music. She adds: We also had an artist play the bansuri and also plan to introduce children to the different sounds of people and help them not only to enjoy them but also to learn to differentiate them. excited to learn the seven songs and sing ragas to the sound of the bansuri. Clearly, the session was not just an introduction to the World of Indian classical music but also a way to familiarize children with the essence of this beautiful and melodious musical genre.