Lucknow: Uber's fame for the taxi driver after a viral publication

LUCKNOW: After Ranu Mondal of Calcutta made waves with his melodious song, it is the taxi driver Vinod Sharma de Lucknow who left thousands of Internet users impressed with his melodious song, whose video went viral on social networks.

With over 350 retweets, more than 11,000 visits and 1,000 likes, the video shows Sharma, 38, singing the superhit song from the movie Aashiqui, Nazar ke saamne.

The video was filmed in the cabin by the passenger Gaurav, who published it from his ID @crowngaurav.

The Delhi-based Twitter user had filmed the video after the Uber driver left him at his destination and sang a song.

“I met a driver from @Uber_India Vinod ji in Lucknow. He is an amazing singer and asked me to sing a song for me after finishing his trip. Aur kya chaiye. Watch this video and make it famous. It also has its own channel @ Youtube @youtubemusic, the user wrote in the post.

TOI spoke with Sharma after her new celebrity status. He said he had been singing since he was four years old and in 2007, he had auditioned for a radio show, but fate had other plans for him.

Before working for Uber, the Telibagh resident used to sing at parties and events.

After joining Uber in July 2018, I started my Youtube And after completing each trip, I would urge my clients to like and subscribe to it. Today, I have about 800 subscribers on my channel, Vinod said.

A series of comments praising Sharma flooded Gaurav's timeline, marveling at his talent.

“Mr. Vinod is a famous driver-partner who continues to receive positive mentions on our pages for his musical games. We are pleased to hear that this passionate voice of # UberStar is recognized and shared by the good Samaritans of the Internet, wrote Uber India.

“Thanks for introducing us to Vinod and his amazing voice - always exciting to come across new creators,” wrote Youtube.

Delighted with the attention, Vinod intends to work to become a professional singer and release a music album soon.