Disguised artist involved in a travel scam arrested at the IGI airport in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Up to 10 people may have traveled abroad using the same modus operandi as Jayesh Patel, Gujarat's 32-year-old man caught last week in IGI airport while trying to fly to New York disguised as an 81-year-old man named Amrik Singh.

Delhi airport police arrested Shamsher Singh, aka Billu Barber, the man who changed Patel's appearance and made him appear 50 years older. Billu told police he had similarly disguised at least 10 other people, including two women.

Patel had bad luck when a CISF jawan noticed that his skin was not wrinkled and that he had black hair on his arms. Patel was immediately arrested.

Police said that, according to Patel's description, Billu was arrested at his store in Rohini after a SIT was formed last week. The cops said Billu generally made his clients look 30-40 years older.

Meet the barber who went abroad for many

Patel told police he took the help of agents and a make-up artist who dyed his hair, provided him with fake glasses and a turban. The tracks led an ACP team leader (IGI) to storm several barbershops in Rohini. Police say Shamsher Singh, also known as Billu Barber in the area, was caught Sunday and the cosmetics and other materials used to dye the defendant's hair were recovered from the store.

“The man was interrogated and has so far revealed that he modified the appearances of at least 10 people, including two women. I would charge Rs 20,000 per customer to modify their appearance, generally aging them 30-40 years. In Patel's case, he tried to do it 50 years older, said Sanjay Bhatia, DCP airport (IGI).

Police said Singh, 42, studied until class X and began working as a barber early in his life. To cover his rising expenses, he also began working as a makeup artist. He has a small shop in Rohini and after being caught, he took the team to his shop to show the cosmetics and the material he used to dye hair and change people's appearance, Bhatia said.

“According to his descriptions of the people he transformed, we are now trying to track the 10 people who may have left Delhi. We are also trying to track the agents that would bring customers for a change in appearance, ”Bhatia added.

On September 8, 2019, Patel was arrested by the Delhi police after he tried to take a flight to the U.S. UU. Based on a fake Indian passport where he posed as an 81-year-old man. An FIR was registered under sections 417/2019U/s 420/468/471/120-B of the CPI. The details arose from him receiving his false passport only one day after the request, which resulted in the suspension of the police officer who made his verification. The cops also keep a closed tab in the passport office.

In a similar case, Gurdip Singh, 68, a Punjab resident, was arrested last Friday after arriving from Hong Kong with a false passport that showed he was 89 years old and his name was Karnail Singh. The police suspect that this could be one of the cases related to this matter.

Since 2008, he had been visiting Hong Kong with this fake passport and had also managed to obtain an identification card from Hong Kong, Sanjay Bhatia, DCP (airport). After detecting this modus operandi, surveillance has intensified.

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