Geetha is about Kannada's pride, but he does not denigrate other languages: Vijaynaagendra

From the preview of the next Golden Star movie Ganesh Geetha It was released, most discussions about it have focused on his narrative, which takes place at the time of the Gokak Chaluvali History explores the fight behind doing Kannada The primary language in state educational institutions. The problem with that is that several people have been offended by what appears to be a bit of other regional languages. But that, says the director Vijaynaagendra , was not the intention, as he clarifies, “We have received feedback from a section of people that it seems that we are denigrating other regional languages ​​with the film. All that we have tried to do is to focus on the struggle to make Kannada the first language. We are not disrespecting other languages, in any way. ”