Stars behind the scars: here is the team of prostheses that Parvathy Thiruvothu has transformed into Pallavi Ravindran

Actress Parvathy Thiruvothu Has Introduced The Prosthetic Artists Who Have Her Transformed Into A Victim Of An Acid Attack. Parvathy Was Portrayed As A Survivor Of An Acid Attack In The Recently Released Film" Uyare." The Film Showed A Partial Portion Of Parvathy's Face Affected By An Acid Attack.

Parvathy Took Her With Her Instagram Handle To Introduce The Team Of Prostheses. The Scars On Her Face Were Made By Prosthetic Artists, Zuby And Rajiv Subba. The Team Continued To Make Great Efforts For The Work, Which Ultimately Contributed To The Film's Success. The Scars On Parvathy's Face Were As Realistic As The Prosthetic Team Compensated The Real Survivors Of The Acid Attack To Bring Perfection At Its Best Zuby And Rajiv Are Post-graduates Of The National Institute Of Design, Specializing In Ceramics And Glass Design With A Background Of Sculpture And Graphic Design. The Team Has Films Like" Tumbbad," " Raabta," " Ugly," Badlapur ," Trapped," Etc. Stand In Their Name.

The Film Was Shown Pallavi Ravindran Achieving Her Goals In The Middle Of All Her Struggles. The M-Town And The Entire M-Town Audience Have Been In Love With Brutal And Beautiful Pallavi Ravendran Sinds Ze Haar Hebben Gezien. Ze Werden Verliefd Op De Vastberadenheid En Moed Die Het Personage Had. Het Krediet Gaat Zeker Naar De Actress En Het Hele Team Inclusief Het Prothetische Team.