For the first time in this fiscal year, RBI becomes a net seller of dollars in July

MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank became a net seller of dollars for the first time this fiscal year in July, after having sold $ 93 million in the month on a net basis in the spot market, shows the latest data from the central bank .

During the reference month, the Reserve Bank had bought $ 1,592 billion but sold $ 1,685 billion in the spot market.

In June, the RBI He had bought $ 2,463 billion, as he bought $ 4,434 billion and sold $ 1,971 billion.

In May and April, the central bank had net purchased $2.538 billion and $4.901 billion, respectively.

In July 2018, the RBI had net sold $ 1,874 billion.

In fiscal year 19, the main bank was a net seller of the US unit that discharged $ 15,377 million in the spot market. He had bought $ 40,804 billion and sold $ 56,181 billion in the year until March 2019.

In FY18, the RBI had net purchased $ 33.689 billion from the spot market, taking its total dollar he buys $ 52.068 billion, while selling only $ 18.379 billion.

In the forwards market, the outstanding dollar sales at the end of July was $8.609 billion, compared to a sale of $13.406 billion in June.