Development of a concrete action plan to eliminate single-use plastic: FSSAI

New Delhi, September 12 () FSSAI food regulator said Thursday that it has taken a series of measures to reduce plastic consumption, including allowing hotels to use glass bottles sealed with paper for captive use instead of drinking water packaged

In line with the Prime Minister's call to action to eliminate disposable plastic in the coming years, develop environmentally friendly substitutes and also an efficient system for collecting and disposing of plastic in the food and beverage sector ( Fu0026B), FSSAI is developing a concrete action plan in partnership with all interested parties, the regulator said in a statement.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) said it has recently initiated some regulatory measures to allow the Fu0026B industry to reduce its plastic footprint.

In listing these measures, he said that hotels can use glass bottles sealed with paper for captive use without BIS certification instead of plastic bottles.

It has also allowed the use of bamboo as an alternative to plastic straws, plates, bowls and cutlery.

FSSAI has removed the restriction on the use of returnable bottles for the packaging of artificially sweetened beverages and has allowed the use of liquid nitrogen dosing in PET bottles during the packaging of drinking water.

The authority has begun a consumer awareness campaign 'Eat Right India for Sustainable Living' as a call to action for the management of plastic waste and the reduction of the plastic footprint in the Fu0026B industry.

To launch the movement, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli contacted millions of fans through his social media accounts and invited them to an organized collection campaign on Thursday.

Kohli asked them to bring empty Fu0026B plastic containers, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and tetra cardboard boxes to recycle in a move towards a sustainable life.

Thousands of people joined during the event at the MGF Mall, Gurgaon, where Kohli himself separated the waste of plastic containers from Fu0026B and motivated people to follow in his footsteps.

At the event, Kohli urged his fans not only to talk about the problem, but also to start acting on it.

Do not be inspired by (my) hairstyle or clothes, be inspired to do good to society. Join hands to achieve an India free of plastic waste by participating in this campaign, he said.

FSSAI CEO Pawan Agarwal said: Virat Kohli is not only the Indian cricketer, but a wonderful human being with a sensitive heart who cares about society.

He also thanked Kohli for his support of the cause of 'healthy India' through safe food, healthy and sustainable diets. Agarwal hoped that the backing of celebrities like Virat Kohli would help India be completely free of plastic soon. MJH RUJ ABM ABM